Investigating Hae’s Murder and Analyzing the Podcast

This podcast was very interesting and very intriguing. This particular podcast showed different perspectives which allowed the audience to get a better grasp on this investigation and to form their own opinion on whether or not Syed was guilty. Usually I am not a fan of listening to podcasts for I prefer reading. Sometimes the narrator can be very boring but I found that Sarah was very easy to listen to because of her tone of voice. The only thing I found difficult when analyzing this podcast was that I often had to pause and rewind to catch what was being said. In a book or novel it is easy to mark a page or flip back to see what was being said. Next time I listen to a podcast, I think it would be very advantageous to take notes.

Presenting investigative journalism through a podcast was a very strategic idea. The journalist is able to share their story through speech rather than text. This allows the audience to become more engaged as well as it helps them to form a better opinion. When reading a text, it is common for the reader to make up little voices in their head based on each character. They are able to understand the message through their own eyes and opinions. When listening to Sarah and other characters like Jay, Asia, and Adnan, we as the audience, get to know the actual facts. This is how this person talks, this is their personality and this is how the investigation really is. It allows the reader to go into deeper thought about the story and characters. When you hear Adnan’s and Jay’s voice, you can begin to form an opinion on who’s guilty and who’s innocent. If you were to read what they were saying instead, your opinion may be different.

Adnan Syed was proved to be guilty of Hae’s murder based on Jay’s testimony. According to Sarah, Jay’s story was hard to believe at times for it sometimes changed. Of course it changed. How long ago did it happen? I can barely remember what I did yesterday, how can you expect someone to remember what they did 6 weeks ago at 2:17 pm? No one keeps track of their day to day life especially not that specifically. This issue involving memory is quite concerning because what is going to happen to Adnan? An individual witness can’t be trustworthy because their memory isn’t reliable. A group of witnesses that have the same memory is. In my opinion, I think that Adnan was not guilty of Hae’s murder because he seemed like a really nice guy. I mean, yeah everybody can seem nice but it isn’t just that. He was very consistent when testifying whereas Jay often stuttered which made it seem like he was making things up on the spot. This case should have been dealt with sooner so that witnesses could have been more reliable. Their memory of that day would be more recent. It is really hard for me to believe that Adnan killed Hae who was once his girlfriend mainly because of his kind personality. I think to be a murderer; you need to be absolutely insane. In this case, I think someone was jealous of Syed and to get revenge, they killed Hae Knoing that Adnan would suffer.




One thought on “Investigating Hae’s Murder and Analyzing the Podcast”

  1. I like the post you got here! I agree for next time I will for sure take notes! I was wondering if you considered there may be a further and more darker side to Syed;s personality? Hidden behind the “good boy,”?


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