The Innocence of Adnan Syed and Why He Didn’t Kill Hae Min Lee

Adnan Syed. A man who is 31 was convicted of first-degree murder at the age of 17 in 1999. He may also be getting a new trial but does he deserve it?

When I first started watching Serial I thought that Adnan was innocent. Throughout this unit, I continued to have the same opinion about him. From what I heard, he was a nice boy who had a very kind personality and was a part of the track team. When people heard that he was “guilty” of Hae’s murder (his previous girlfriend), they were shocked. Even I was shocked after listening to the podcast. He had sounded so nice and even when you see a photo of him (like shown above); it’s hard to see how he could be a potential murderer. Many people will look at Adnan and jump to the conclusion that he is guilty because of his race and culture. These people aren’t looking into his personality, at who he really is as a person. I am not one of those people.

He does have a kind personality and you can tell by listening to him speak. Personally, I think to kill somebody, you must be completely insane and perhaps have something wrong with them. Sometimes people can look and sound crazy and once you know their background, you could think they could be potential murderers or something. Adnan Syed isn’t that type of person though. He was just a normal 17 year old boy and as Andrea Seabrook said, “McClain was ‘the one who says she saw Adnan Syed at the exact same time that the state said he was out committing a murder’”( So if Adnan wasn’t at the crime scene when Hae was murdered, then who was? “According to the medical examiner and other forensic pathologists who have reviewed the crime scene pictures and autopsy reports, Lee’s body showed fixed frontal lividity, the phenomenon in which, after death, all the blood pools to the part of the body closest to the ground”( This was only possible if her body was laid face down for approximately 8-10 hours which means this had happened before she was moved to the park. When listening to the podcast, you hear Jay, Anan’s friend, testify. He often stutters and it seems as though he is making up his story. Adnan must be innocent because the hairs that were found on Hae’s body, did not match Adnan, and neither did the soil samples from his clothes, shoes, car, and room (

If these samples did not match up to Adnan, then who do they match up with? If there is no piece of Adnan on Hae, then clearly he did not touch her that night. I personally think that Jay did it because his story was inconsistent and he often stuttered. It just seemed a little peculiar to me. When Adnan testified, he was straight forward, consistent, and stuttered rarely. If you know exactly what happened, you are going to say exactly what happened and nothing else. I also think that someone was jealous of Adnan’s lifestyle. He was kind, was on the track team and was just a good person over all. Maybe someone wanted to get revenge on him and make him live a miserable life. Maybe they killed Hae in order to do that and made it look as though Adnan did it. Who knows, but what I do know is that Adnan is not guilty. No one will ever be able to make up for the 14 years he spent in prison. No amount of money will ever be able to replace the damage that has been done to this man.

The reason why I decided to write this assignment in a blog is because it allows my audience to clearly see another perspective on this investigation. A lot of people think Adnan is guilty, but he can’t be! I want people to see it from the innocence perspective which could help change their mind or take things into consideration. A blog also allows me to add pictures and videos to help prove my point so the readers know that I am not making this entire post up. They will be able to watch videos that they may not have seen before to help change their perspective. I am also able to play with fonts and colors which will help make my main points stick out more. Lastly, a blog can help give the readers a different insight because of my opinion, photos and videos. These things will all help in order to give them a different perspective.

To listen to the podcast click :

To watch a recent video of Adnan’s case click :

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