Planning my Portfolio

For my portfolio I will be using a persuasive essay, a blog post, a concept map and webpage to communicate my ideas about “The Book of Negroes”.

I chose to do a persuasive essay rather than a narrative essay because I have very strong opinions about some events and characters in my novel. With a persuasive essay, I am able to give the reader a different perspective on the idea which may help change their opinion to agree with mine.

I chose to do a blog post because it is an informal way of communicating with others where I can simply express my opinion without having to use facts. I obviously will use some quotations from my novel just to help prove my point, but it isn’t always necessary. It also will allow the reader and I to share ideas and opinions by having a comment box. It is a good way to communicate with my targeted audience.

I chose to do a concept map because I am able to show the many themes and archetypes that are portrayed throughout the novel. I will be able to show how there are different types of power and archetypes.

I chose to do a webpage because it also allows me to share my opinion. I will be able to give the audience insight on characters, conflicts and ideas that are in my novel. I will also be able to state my opinion trying to persuade my audience to agree with me.

Throughout this course, I feel as though I have developed as a writer. I now know how to apply different literary theories to certain texts and know how to analyze them from that perspective. I also feel that my vocabulary has expanded, which has always been a huge challenge for me. There were many words I didn’t know in my book and in essays/poems/stories that were read in this class. When I came across those words, I looked up the definition to learn what they mean and I now know how to use them.

Some challenges I had were identifying the thesis and identifying what kind of essay some texts were. Sometimes the thesis isn’t always clear but the message is, meaning you can predict what the thesis is. It was also difficult when figuring out whether the essay was expository or argumentative or persuasive. Persuasive essays are very similar to argumentative for they are both arguing a point from a certain perspective. Lastly, I found that generating a thesis was the biggest challenge for me. I have always struggled with it. I know what I want to persuade my audience, I just find it challenging to put the words into a formal sentence.

I’m glad I got to learn everything that I did in this course. I know that it will always stick with me and I will continue developing as a writer/creator.



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